Bild Premium 1.3 mm Mechanical Pencil Lead Refills - HB Mega, 1.3mm

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Bild Premium 01.3mm lead refill for school, work or home. Includes 10 tubes of 1.3 mm HB pencil lead refills. Convenient to have in your school back or desk drawer. These 1.3 mm lead refills write with a smooth dark line and will work with any 1.3mm mechanical pencil.

Bild premium lead comes in the following sizes: 0.3mm lead, 0.5 mm lead, 2.0mm lead refills, 0.9 mm lead refills, 1.3mm pencil lead refills, 2.0 pencil lead. Bild premium lead comes in 0.3mm HB, 0.3mm 2B, 0.5mm HB, 0.5mm 2B, 0.7mm HB, 0.7 mm 2B, 0.9mm HB, 0.9mm 2B, 1.3mm HB, 1.3mm 2B, 2.0mm HB, 2.0mm 2B