Bild Jumbo Permanent Markers - 8 pack - 2 each of Black, Red, Green, Blue - Chisel tip - XL size - tip with 3 shapes

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3/8" (10mm) tip Chisel Tip
You will receive 2 Jumbo Permanent Markers of each color (Black, Red, Green, & Blue)
1 inch diameter marker
Perfect on plastic, wood, stone, foil, metal, corrugate and leather

Fast drying

Bild Jumbo Permanent Markers are bold, low-odor markers with high visibility ink. These are a great choice for posters, signs, storage boxes and almost anywhere else you want to write. Their chisel tips let you write in a variety of line widths and they come in three distinct styles in a variety of colors. Permanent markers write on virtually any surface, including cardboard, metal and plastic.